Top Skiing Destinations around the World

We have not met anyone (yet) who does not love the soft fluff that covers the ground during winter – everyone loves snow. Over the years, the number of skiing enthusiasts seems to have grown, and they look forward to swishing down snow-covered slopes, amid magnificent mountains and snow dusted pines. Skiing is a worldwide pastime and defines the ultimate human urge – to explore and invent.  We bring to you some of the top skiing destinations around the world to excite the adventurer in you.

  • France seems to top the list of skiing lovers, and continues to remain as one of the most sought after winter destinations in Europe. The place seems to welcome its visitors with its lively and beautiful resorts, jaw-dropping snow-slopes, and visually stunning landscapes – making this a highly recommended destination, whether you are a pro’ or novice at skiing.
  • Canada’s snow covered slopes and perfect ambience make it not just ideal for skiing but also serves solitude, peace and hush on its platter. The vistas and varied topography of this region is indeed the answer of rest for the harried city dweller.  As you explore, you unfold more sights and picturesque locales of the meadows and valleys.
  • USA has several top skiing destinations – Aspen, Colorado, Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and Snowbird, Utah to name a few. These destinations have graded slopes that allow even first time skiers to indulge in this super exciting and adrenaline pumping activity. Of course, the experienced skiers can show-off their skills on the more challenging and treacherous slopes and rises.
  • Bulgaria ranks high on the best skiing destinations in the world since it is also one of the cheapest. Bulgaria is dedicated to becoming one of the best destinations, and is investing huge sums to provide tourists with the best facilities and infrastructure needed for safe and fun-filled skiing. Top line resorts, world-class facilities, and visually appealing natural beauty make this a great vacation and skiing destination.
  • Who wouldn’t want to ‘try their legs’ in the beautiful country of Switzerland, boasting of the Alps and a wide variety of topography and landscapes? The magnificent and stately Matterhorn makes Zermatt one of the most popular skiing destinations, but there are several other beauteous places to indulge your senses.
  • Regarded as one of the most appealing and idyllic skiing destinations, Austria, should certainly be on the list of everyone who loves this sport. Experience the thrill of the swift descents and adrenaline rush you would experience from skiing in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled areas, – inside or outside the boundaries of the ski resorts. Take a break from the activity and visit the many charming and quaint villages.
  • Boasting of some of the most luxurious, stylish, and lavish resorts, and some of the finest skiing terrains, in Europe, Italy is certainly one of the best destinations for skiing vacation. For those who have mastered the sport, Alagna Valsesia is the place to be. For others, Sauze d’Oulx, the largest resort, offers opportunities for all types of skills levels. Take your pick! Of course, the place offers incredible food and an awesome immersive culture that make visitors want to stay forever.
  • Snuggled in the core of the Pyrenees is the town of Andorra. It has some of the best ski schools for the novices, top line lift systems, and a wide array of skiing areas. The number of people is much less here, owing to the popularity of the Alps, which makes it an even more interesting destination. The most popular resort here is Soldeu, but there are several others as well.
  • A great destination for all skiing skill levels is Finland – what is more alluring is the fact that it continues to be largely unexplored since most of its terrain is not mountainous. There are however, several opportunities for cross-country skiing and the few mountains afford some of the most fun and enthralling skiing anywhere in the world. Finland makes for a great family destination too.
  • The slopes of Cairngorm, Glencoe, Glenshee, Lecht, and Nevis makes Scotland appear on our list. The scenic views and the pristine snow-covered slopes offer some great skiing opportunities. Since it is in the UK, the weather can be a bit erratic, but there is at least a month of fantastic skiing.

It was hard deciding which places should make it on the list. We know there are many others that should have been here too, for a number of reasons but we are sure that we have put you in the mood of taking a skiing vacation this winter.