Tips on Having a Relaxing Vacation

Providing tips on having a relaxing vacation seems moot, right – not really, if travel experts and studies are to be believed. According to these ‘authorities’ happiness and relaxation intensity quickly plummet to base levels post a vacation. In fact, the study shows that the happiness levels of those who return from a vacation and those who never did go on one, are the same. The truth is post vacation happiness levels truly depend on the amount of relaxation or stress people have during their vacation – and people with a high stress or neutral vacation would experience relatively low levels of happiness upon their return from the vacation. While we are offering you tips, we also guarantee that booking your vacations through us will leave you with elevated levels of happiness and relaxation from the planning stage to post vacation stage.

Most people associate beaches, mountains, or spa vacation as the most relaxing, while all other destinations and types of vacations would not score as high on the ‘relaxation meter’. This is not necessarily the case – if you know how to relax (yes you read right!) any vacation destination can leave you feeling rejuvenated and excited enough to get back to your routine.

  • Get into a relaxed and doing nothing mode before traveling. It is not advisable to attend work just a day before and immediately after, your vacation. Doing so gives you time to ease up and transition in and out of your vacation at a relaxed pace. When traveling by flight, it is a good idea to use noise cancelling headphones, book in advance so you get your favourite seat, download your favourite songs and or movies on your mobile device, and other such ‘tricks’ to help you relax before you reach your destination. The idea is to begin the process of ‘unwinding and relaxing’ before the vacation begins.
  • Even if you are traveling to a city for a vacation, choose smaller cities that would have their own appeal, but with less stress and unnecessary hustle. These smaller cities would have the natural and manmade sights that appeal to the senses, would serve up culinary delights, and surprise their visitors in several ways, and yet be free from the overwhelming bustle that larger urban settings would have.
  • Conduct research before you reach your destination, so that you can choose a hotel / accommodation that would keep you close to or in the centre of the places that you would want to visit in your destination. Choose hotels depending on what you plan to do – it could be visits to the cultural sights, or shopping, or beaches – you must not need to waste time, energy, and money on local travel, but should be able to stroll around or hire a cycle to get around.
  • To set the tone for your relaxing vacation, book yourself (in advance) into a spa or an aromatic massage as soon as you arrive at your destination. This could be arranged at your hotel or could be at a nearby location from your hotel. The idea is to relax, detox, and get into the mood and mind-set of relaxation – and it would be great to get a ‘treatment’ that would be specific and specialized for the particular destination / place of your vacation. The local ‘remedies’ would not only help you ‘acclimatize’ to the destination, but would also allow you to understand your destination a lot better.
  • Strange as it may sound, the frenzied lifestyles of today have made people forget how to relax. One of our top tips on having a relaxing vacation is to plan to unwind and ‘chill out’. It would be a good idea to leave a lot of time to ‘do nothing’ – lounging by the pool, lolling on the sun-kissed beaches, letting time slip by at a local bar, or just wandering the cobbled streets only to soak in the sceneries and feel one with the locals. It is a good idea to plan visits to tourist spots early morning when they are a lot less crowded.
  • Vacations should be about what you would love to do, but do not get the time to indulge yourself during your daily routine. Make your vacation about these things that you love – it could be shopping, adventure activities, time at the beach, visits to cultural centres, or whatever it is that you would want to engage in. If your vacation would be about what you ‘must’ do or what others want to do, you would most certainly return stressed and harried.
  • Do not stuff too many activities in your day. Rushing from one activity to the next will not be much different from what you do in your daily life! Keep time between activities to relax and lounge around – ensure that both your body and mind are ‘quiet’ and relaxed.
  • If possible, take several shorter but relaxed vacations throughout the year. Planning a long vacation is stressful and could leave you tired and harried (not if you book with us though J), while shorter and more frequent vacations can keep your mood uplifted. One vacation a year can leave you feeling drained until the next year – hence, where possible, several short vacations across the year is a good idea.
  • Taking vacations during major holidays is a good idea. The premise is simple – everyone at work would be on vacation too, making the workload a lot less and lighter when you do get back to work. The stress of imagining your work piling up when you are on vacation while others are working can easily ruin your holiday. Another way is to take a break when your boss takes one!

Remember to schedule and delegate work to someone else in the office when you do go on leave. Put an out of office message with the designated person’s name, such that the work continues uninterrupted while you are away, and you do not come back to a bursting inbox and brimming in-tray. On your vacation, you could schedule about half an hour each day to check on your office emails and messages, if you are unable to offload completely all your tasks to someone else – especially if you are the boss / owner of the company

Isn’t it true that a large portion of our lives are spent running from activity to the next, with no time to relax, eat, and rest. Having a relaxing vacation would be something you owe to yourself – a time when you can truly unwind, leave your cares behind, and savour the time off to rejuvenate and reenergize your senses. Most importantly, the vacation could be the time to reconnect with yourself and those you love. You have but one life, out of which you are busy fending for your family and yourself – use our tips to have a relaxing vacation.