The Best Waterfalls in the World

Just by being the most powerful and magnificent water bodies, waterfalls are amongst the best and most wondrous natural bounties. It is hard to say which are the best waterfalls in the worldpossibly all would fall in this category! As the popular axiom goes – ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ – hence which natural sight is the most beautiful is a highly subjective topic. We therefore, have put together (after several arguments! 🙂 ) a list of what we and other people believe to be The Best Waterfalls in the World today.

  • Iguazu Falls

Falling from a stunning 82m height, and an average flow of 1000 cubic meters per second, this water body is certainly worthy of its place on the list of best waterfalls. There are about 275 different cascades and waterfalls within the Iguazu Falls. There are several thin walkways (catwalks!) between the waterfalls, enabling visitors to get up, close, and ‘personal’, with most of them. The lush and jade rainforest that surrounds these falls make for breath taking and visually stunning natural scenery.  We believe this is one of the finest examples of panache and finesse of ‘mother nature’!

  • Jog Falls

The second highest plunge waterfall in India, at a height of 253m are the Jog Falls, created by the River Sharavathi. These falls are a major tourist attraction in the Sagara region of Karnataka. The Jog Falls are also known as the JogadaGundi and Gersoppa Falls. The falls burst forth in all their glory in the monsoon season, and surpass the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana in height and volume. (251 metres and 663 cubic metres)

  • Gullfoss

Situated in Iceland, it is one of the most beautiful and the most popular waterfall. Gullfoss translated means ‘Golden Falls’. This is a double waterfall on the White River and falls from 32mts – its magnificence and beauty make it one of the more popular tourist attractions in Iceland. Created by the flow of the river, regular rainfall, and glacier water, the Gullfoss waterfall is one with highest volume in Europe.

  • Ban Gioc – Detian Falls

These are twin waterfalls on the Guichun or Quay Son River, spanning the Sino-Vietnam border. The Detian Falls is on the border lying between China and Vietnam, and is the fourth largest waterfall on the border of countries – the others being Niagara, Victoria, and Iguazu Falls. This waterfalls drops from 30mts, is separated into three parts by trees and rocks. The falls thunder on their way down, and the sound of them crashing against the cliffs can be heard from quite a distance.

  • The Blue Nile Falls

This falls gets its name from the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia, over its upper course, on which it is situated. Most of the water now has been diverted to feed a power dam, but it continues to remain one of the most beautiful and picturesque sight, and one of Ethiopia’s best tourist attractions.

  • Vinnufossen

Tallest waterfall in Europe, and sixth tallest in the world, makes Vinnufossen one of the most visited waterfalls in the world. It is located east of the Sunndalsøra village in Norway, and drops 2,820ft (860m) in central Norway, 330 miles north-east of Bergen.. The falls are part of the Vinnu River, flowing down from the Vinnufjellet Mountain, fed mainly by the Vinnufonna glacier. The falls flow into the Driva River, which has a large concentration of sea trout that migrates here. The surrounding area is lush and green – a soothing caress for the eyes and a tired mind.

  • Kaieteur Falls

Located in the Kaieteur National Park, the Kaieteur Falls have a free fall height of 226 metres with a663 cubic metres volume. Reputed as one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, it is five times higher than the Niagara Falls, and twice the height of the great Victoria Falls. Even though there are other falls taller than the Kaieteur Falls, few have the dramatic combination of height and volume as this stunning water body.

Waterfalls are truly one of the most spectacular, magnificent, and thrilling gifts of nature. They are proof of the force and power that nature holds, and therefore must be respected. The splendour of white gushing water, falling from stupendous heights, crashing over rocks and cliffs with a sound that is akin to the clap of thunder, is not something one can experience through words. It is a sight worth seeing – the mesmerizing and magical effect of these wonders of nature is truly something worth experiencing. This, as we mentioned, is not an exhaustive list – there are several more such waterfalls that command reverence and respect – there are The Angel Falls (979m, in Venezuela), Yosemite Falls (739m, CA, USA), Sutherland Falls (581m, New Zealand), Tugela Falls (948m, South Africa), and many more. We would love to take you – do let us know when.