The Best Travel Bargains for 2017

Booking with us makes all destinations and travel become best in value and would qualify as best travel bargains for the eager travellers. Even so, we bring you a list of the cheapest travel destinations for the current year in the hope of turning even the most conservative traveller to someone with ‘wanderlust’.

  • If the love and allure of – open spaces, vast beauteous landscapes, wildlife, and historical architecture – defines you, then Namibia is surely one of the places you must visit. Studies show that the value of its currency has depreciated making it good place to get full value of your bucks, whilst experiencing all that we have mentioned and lots more.
  • The second largest city of Portugal is Porto. Despite being the port wine capital of the world, this city continues to remain hidden in the ‘shadows’ of the other European cities. The place brims with attractive museums, charming and traditional architecture, various tourist attractions, and a vibrant nightlife. Porto is fascinating in many respects – there is plenty to do and see, which are just some of the reasons that it is poised to emerge out of the ‘shadows’ and become one of the most sought after tourist destinations.
  • For some time Venice did not feature under budget destinations, but various vacation rental sites have changed the way travellers view this beautiful city. There are plenty of affordable accommodation choices not far from the major tourist attractions – meaning that visitors can soak in the beauty and experience the vibrancy of this city at a much lower cost now. Lying between the mouths of the Rivers Po and Piave is the Venetian Lagoon (now a UNESCO Heritage Site) and is one of the most picturesque locations in the city. Several parts of Venice standout because of their setting, architecture, and artwork – and of course, a ride in a gondola, makes the experience complete.
  • The second largest city in Hungary is Debrecen. It is cheaper than other places in Hungary, and affords easy access to the Great Hungarian Plain too. Debrecen is abuzz with art, historic places of worship, museums, and dynamic culture. It is both vivid and cosy, and is unique given the contrasts of age-old traditions surviving comfortably with updated scientific and technical innovations. Several European budget airlines can take you to this intriguing city that is both traditional and contemporary in its appeal.
  • A small yet beautiful country Belize qualifies as budget friendly. The most luxurious accommodation would be below 100USD per night. Given its small size, getting around is not expensive either, and visitors can easily tour the Mayan ruins, lounge on the beach, and hike through the jungle – all in a single trip.
  • Neighbouring Belize is one of Central America’s cheapest destinations – Guatemala. Given the cost of things in this countryis relatively low one can easily splurge on accommodation. Guatemala boasts of several significant and unique ecosystems given a large number of indigenous species, making it a hotspot in terms of biodiversity. The place has a distinct culture, with a mix of endemic and Spanish influences.
  • The weak currency of Mexico makes it a highly affordable destination this year. The beach resort of Mazatlan, and San Luis Potosi are awesome yet cost-effective destinations, there are also inexpensive flights to Cancun. Visitors can combine their visit here with the neighbouring Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.
  • Several low budget flights are available to reach Morocco. The proximity to Europe helps – making it easily accessible and accessibility is complemented by low costs of accommodation and highly affordable luxurious restaurant meals. The many cities of Morocco offer visitors a combination of beaches, souks, markets, grand plazas, picturesque natural sceneries, and so much more.
  • Despite gaining some popularity, the Bellarine Peninsula, Australia continues to afford its visitors time to sit back, laze, and relax. For the ones prone to ‘activity’, visits to the vineyards and cider breweries, water sports, and the rail trail are interesting ways to stay active and occupied. It continues to remain one of the low cost destinations for curious travellers.
  • Visit Bonaire and Curacao for an affordable yet exhilarating Caribbean holiday. Given that tourists still do not overcrowd these places, they continue to remain affordable. The accommodation here is at chain hotels and vacation villas – which are cost effective yet comfortable. Visitors get to enjoy two holiday destinations, and they are especially attractive for those who wish to spend their time in water. The unique Caribbean experience that these two islands afford is certainly a treat in itself. The waters of Bonaire offer visitors over 80 dive sites, and are protected by one of the oldest Marine Parks in the world. Curacao stands out for its vibrant culture and rich heritage, and has more than 65 dive sites, several colourful reefs, and magnificent accessible wreckages.

We agree that the best things in life are free, but since that is not always possible, we brought you a list of travel destinations that would be light on your pocket, while allowing you access to some of the most stunning sights, and memorable travel experiences from around the world.