The Best Airports in the World

Given the increasing number of people around the globe travelling for various reasons, most of us think of airports as stressful and noisy place, with endless queues, and exorbitant prices of various commodities available at them. However, we bring you some of the best airports in the world that do not fit the ‘description’ mentioned – they are actually calming, beautiful, and it is absolutely delightful to spend a few hours in them.

  • Switzerland’s main airport – Zurich (ZRH) is extremely popular with travellers, especially the ones headed on for business. The VIP lounges, several comfortable and relaxing bars and restaurants, a grocery store, and over 80 different shops that cater to a large number of people and interests.
  • Despite not being too big, Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland (also known as Helsinki-Vantaa Airport) offers spas and saunas – not something that most airports afford. The fast transfer times are also a huge plus. There are several food and beverages joints that operate round the clock, free unlimited WiFi, sleeping pods are available too with place for hand baggage and phone charging, and many of the gates have reclines and long benches making it easy to catch a few winks. For some quiet time, go to the Kainuu Room where people can lie on the carpet or on the recliners available there. For those who need uninterrupted longer hours of sleep before their next flight, choose from the hotels at the airport. Showers are available in the loungers, and charging stations are aplenty across the airport.
  • The huge international airport – Hong Kong International (HKG), is the main for Cathay Pacific flights. The airport continues to receive accolades and great reviews from the passengers, and has been ranked highly consistently by the organizations responsible for airport ratings. For those with longer stopovers, there are nap rooms and even an IMAX Theatre to catch a movie. HKG is just 24 minutes away from the city centre, via the express link.
  • The current terminal has received the distinction of being “the most architecturally significant terminal complex in the world” and among the most luxurious too. The Hamad International is the international airport in Doha, Qatar. Currently only one terminal is operational, and can accommodate up to 30 million passengers in a year. Anticipating the increase in arrivals for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a second terminal is already ready to be executed, and put in place in time. This airport has been ranked in the top five best airports for the shopping it affords, leisure amenities – more than 70 boutiques and 30 cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are two squash courts on the airside, a gym, 25m swimming pool and a spa – all easily accessible from all the departure gates.
  • Serving ANA, Japan Airlines, and Peach (Japan’s low cost carrier) The Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island lying in the centre of Osaka Bay, Central Japan. For two consecutive years the airport has been voted the best in the world with respect to baggage delivery – not a single piece of baggage has been lost at this airport since its opening in 1994. A lot of thought goes into ensuring that passengers do not need to wait long to receive their luggage and the baggage is placed by the staff on the carousels with their handles outward, making it easier for customers to pick up their luggage. The attention to this small but vital detail has won this airport a lot of positive interest.
  • The Dubai International, UAE (DXB) is the busiest international airport in the world. The gigantic duty-free shopping centre is extremely famous. The annual passenger figure should touch 100 million by the year 2020 – the year the emirate will host the World Expo. The airport has its own Zen Gardens – fish-ponds, trees, and benches where travellers can relax, read a book or catch up on work. These gardens serve as havens of relaxation and serenity. The gardens also have a children’s play area replete with play equipment, television screens airing popular children’s programs, interactive game zone, and even baby change rooms. The massive duty-free shopping area spreads over 33000sqmts, is a shopper’s heaven. The annual sales have reached almost AED 7billion – the products range from electronics to books and games, and from confectionery to cosmetics. There are several other facilities and amenities too – comfortable and soundproof cubicles to sleep with touchscreen TV, Wifi, music, and room to store hand baggage. The airport even has its own five-star hotel, where guests can indulge themselves at the swimming pool, or take a steam or sauna, and catch up on their sleep in the luxurious rooms.

We know that this is not an exhaustive list – but we hope that you have some idea of what to expect at airports around the world when ‘wanderlust’ strikes. If you are planning a trip, let us help you make the most of it by including any of the best airports in the world in the itinerary. 🙂