Most Luxurious Cruises in the World

Even for non-travellers and disbelievers, luxury cruises seem to have an undefined and undeniable appeal and lure. The epicurean cuisine, lavish accommodation, exotic locales, and nonpareil customer service are all features that would make the most luxurious cruises in the world. However, believe us when we say that there are gradations even in these lux cruises – only a few excel in their chosen realm and choosing to ‘travel’ with them would afford a one of a kind experience, which is sure to last a lifetime.

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Most Famous Bridges in the World

We have been highlighting through our articles, the best, the longest, the biggest, – essentially, the superlative aspects of different things. Keeping up with this, we bring to you today the most famous bridges in the world. These are not just bridges but also iconic landmarks and top tourist attractions of the places they are located. Continue reading “Most Famous Bridges in the World” »

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The Weirdest Laws in the World

We encourage you to travel – across the globe, simply because of the many benefits of traveling and the innumerable wondrous sights that will dazzle you and leave you awestruck. However, when travelling to a strange and new land, it is always a good idea to conduct a research on local customs, food, traditions, and even the local laws. Knowing the ‘laws of the land’ could not only keep you out of trouble, but also ensure that you have a memorable time sans any problem. While some of the laws make sense, we dare say that there are some outright absurd and funny laws too – we bring you some of the weirdest laws in the world, which you would still be better off adhering.

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The Best Travel Bargains for 2017

Booking with us makes all destinations and travel become best in value and would qualify as best travel bargains for the eager travellers. Even so, we bring you a list of the cheapest travel destinations for the current year in the hope of turning even the most conservative traveller to someone with ‘wanderlust’. Continue reading “The Best Travel Bargains for 2017” »

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