The Most Stunning Mountains in the World

Everyone has one’s particular imagery of the perfect landscape and the best destination for a vacation. However, when asked to think of what would be amongst the most awe-inspiring and breath-taking topography, we believe most people would say mountains / hilltops. There is something alluring and enigmatic about mountains – they have a humbling effect on a person and calm the mind in an inexplicable manner. Is it surprising then that so many people constantly venture to scale mountains – some of them being extremely treacherous and tough to scale? Mountaineers describe the experience of reaching a mountain summit as ‘life-changing’. We understand that most people would not have the chance or the desire to scale a mountain, which is why we have brought you a list of some of the most stunning mountains in the world, to leave you awe-struck, and ignite the traveller in you to explore these destinations and wondrous sights. Continue reading “The Most Stunning Mountains in the World” »

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