Best Spots in the World for Dolphin and Whale Spotting

Dolphins are one of the most endearing marine creatures alive. Seeing them in their natural habitat is an absolute delight, and avid travellers usually have this activity on their to-do list. The earth have about 43 different species of dolphins – the bottlenose being the most common, and the inappropriately named species referred to as ‘killer’ whale. We bring some of the best spots in the world for dolphin and whale spotting, activities usually paired together. If you see one, you will most definitely see the other too, and watching these incredible animals in their natural habitat is one of the most exhilarating travel experiences. Dolphins are extremely intelligent, lovable, docile, and pleasant creatures – a vacation to a zoo that houses them is a sure treat for the entire family. Spotted in their natural habitat or viewed in captivity – experiencing these marine creatures, guarantees a lifetime of happy memories.

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Best Theme Parks in the World

Summer is approaching! While it does mean a break from the chill, it also brings vacations from school translating to raucous and impatient kids with too much time on their hands! To make it easier on parents, and to ensure that the family gets some quality fun time together, we bring you a list of the best theme parks in the world that are sure to have your kids squealing in delight. Travel with us to discover the pleasure of family vacations, without breaking the bank. These destinations are amongst those selected by those who have travelled and have had the best time of their lives yet! You don’t want to miss out, do you? Continue reading “Best Theme Parks in the World” »

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Top Honeymoon Destinations around the World

Ah – honeymoons! The time for newly-weds to spend quality time with each other sans the families, relatives, friends, and others. The choice of destination would be based around the combined interests of a couple, rather than traditions and ‘tried and tested’ choices. Couples are becoming increasingly adventurous, seeking out new and exotic locales that offer several things to do and see, complemented with moments of intimacy and quiet. Continue reading “Top Honeymoon Destinations around the World” »

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