The Most Beautiful Forests in the World

Our forests are one of nature’s most bountiful and beautiful gifts. They used to cover about half the ‘face of the earth’, but sadly are only a fraction of the earth today. Forests are not just a collection of staid green trees. If you give it time, you would realize that in a forest there is no goal to achieve – all you need to do is relax and savour every minute.  Gaze ahead of you at the large jaded expanses and the perfectly sculptured landscapes of hills and water.  Each sound and stir makes you even more aware that being there is sheer bliss.  The resultant composure of your innermost recesses is your reward.  Moments within these ‘secretive and mysterious’ green expanses are actually ‘productive’ – helping to calm the mind and think more rationally from varied perspectives.  We bring you today, a list of the most beautiful forests in the world – come discover them with us. Continue reading “The Most Beautiful Forests in the World” »

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Best and Largest Aquariums in the World

Water and the creatures that live within hold a strange fascination for all. For those not adventurous enough to go deep sea diving, or snorkelling, or scuba diving, the best way to view a part of the mysterious underwater world is by visiting some of the best and largest aquariums in the world. These places offer several opportunities to learn about our oceans and the world in them, and in addition, the beauty and mystique of these exciting aquariums transport their visitors to the underwater dimension. If you are curious to learn more about these exhilarating places, read on – our list of world’s biggest and best aquariums.

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Best Theme Parks in the World

Summer is approaching! While it does mean a break from the chill, it also brings vacations from school translating to raucous and impatient kids with too much time on their hands! To make it easier on parents, and to ensure that the family gets some quality fun time together, we bring you a list of the best theme parks in the world that are sure to have your kids squealing in delight. Travel with us to discover the pleasure of family vacations, without breaking the bank. These destinations are amongst those selected by those who have travelled and have had the best time of their lives yet! You don’t want to miss out, do you? Continue reading “Best Theme Parks in the World” »

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