Some of the Most Exotic Places on Earth – Continued…

We are back with another set of those jaw-dropping and most exotic places on earth. Won’t you take a trip with us?

  • Taking a trip to Kyoto, Japan? You must visit the Arashimaya Bamboo Grove – it is in our list of most exotic places for many unique reasons. The tall bamboo stalks seem to touch the sky and as they converge upwards, you feel transported to another world. There are also the tori tunnels of the Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine and Kinkaku-ji Temple– leave you speechless. It is perhaps the most photographed spot in Kyoto. We are struggling to string together words that will do justice to this unusual, striking, and almost mysterious bamboo forest – it is definitely unlike any other forest we know. The feeling of being in another world is unmistakeable though. The uphill path that leads to the grove may seem onerous, but when you reach atop, you will know that it was worth the effort.
  • Surrounded by the mighty and impressive Andean Mountains is the beautiful and charming village of Pisco Elqui, in the Elqui Valley in Chile. The village has a laid-back, family vibe, and enjoys the finest climate all year round. The topography is stunning – arid mountains contrast with the lush jade valley and is complemented by clear cyan sky shimmering in the warm sunshine. Unbelievably, this place is most famous for having the clearest night sky in the world. As night falls, the sky turns silver and seems to dance as countless stars make their appearance. It is a stunning sight and all you can do is watch in awe. Pisco Elqui is the ‘keeper’ of the famous national drink of Chile, the Pisco. Several other villages surround Pisco Elqui, and visitors have no problem in finding suitable lodging and great places to eat and drink. Soak in the beauty of this place by taking a tour or renting a bike – visit the famous distillery. Relax your mind and body with a massage.
  • Visually stunning is how we describe Cappadocia, in Turkey. The most striking is the ‘moonscape’ area around the beautiful towns of Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos, and Mustafapasa. There is a formation of caves, pinnacles, clefts, ‘fairy chimneys’, and aesthetically pleasing folds in the soft volcanic rock. Erosion has caused these formations and it is an extremely unusual but visually appealing sight. Cappadocia is an agriculturally rich region given the soil rich in minerals. The place is extremely good for growing the best quality grapes, hence the presence of several vineyards and wineries.
  • Still maintaining their charm and unblemished appeal are the Con Dao Islands of Vietnam. Most of the area is still forested (about 80%) and is part of the Con Dao National Park. The forest area is home to myriad species of exotic indigenous wildlife, and protects the nesting ground of Vietnam’s sea turtles that lay their eggs between May and October. Even though the climate is dry, sea rough and strong winds blow in the winter months (November to late January, it would be a good time to visit if you are seeking a quiet and remote, yet exotic place for a vacation. Occasional downpours occur during the summer months (July, August, and early September), but the place remains tranquil, sublime, and picturesque.
  • Seeking a place that resembles paradise – The Cook Islands, 15 of them, are perhaps the best-kept ‘secret’ of the Pacific. Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, these islands offer a sense of freedom and respite from the frenzy. The crystalline blue waters, the sandy beaches of white, pleasant caressing warmth of the sunshine all year round, and the unfeigned goodness and friendliness of the locals, make you never want to leave. There is so much to do or nothing to do – depends on what you choose. The islands are almost seductive in their appeal because of their beauty and are scattered over the seemingly endless expanse of the deep Pacific.
  • Voted as the fourth best island in the world, the Isle of Skye in Scotland is truly exotic and spectacular. The climb down Glen Shiel (a glen in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland) is possibly one of the most exhilarating and stunning experiences here, and the descent ends when you reach the striking Loch Duich, the gateway to the Isle of Skye. The topography is starkly contrasting – the rugged and rocky Cuillin ridge, drops down to the tranquil and pristine silvery soft sand of the beach, while the bays, islands, and inlets form a seemingly complex pattern that resembles an intricate lace pattern. Time, it seems, has little meaning here, as the 500 million years of history keeps one fascinated and charmed.

There is a vast and strikingly beautiful world out there – and we have made it our job to help you explore its beauty, and soak in all the gorgeousness hidden in its myriad secrets. We are certain that when you step out of the confines of your own ‘little world’, you will be pleasantly stunned to discover the world that you never experienced before. You ready to embark on this journey with us?