Ride to the Ganges – 2020

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For? Riding in a group? Or dancing, drinking and eating by a riverside? For nature, adventure, madness and a lot more!

Trip Destination: Amatra by the Ganges (Rajaji National Park)

Dates: November 7th – 9th (2 Nights, 3 Days)

8 Reasons why you should do this ride with us to this exotic property:

1) Because we are Riding! It will not be people riding solo. It will be friends riding together.

2) Because we are going to find you a new best friend, her name is river Ganga! Morning walk by the river? Let’s go. High Tea by the river? Let’s go. Feel like listening to music and talking to each other by the river? Let’s go.

3) Because we’re going to stay at a luxurious property in a secluded part of Haridwar on the outskirts of the city where we shall lay in green gardens, play frisbee and walk to the riverside nearby as much as we please. There’ll be bonfires to huddle around every night which will keep us warm in the November evenings.

4) Because there will be Music. And there will be a dance. Every night! There will even be a live performance by the group ‘Bhangra Dynasty’.

5) Because there will be Ganga Aarti. And there will be High Tea. And many other activities.

7) Because after half a year of just seeing your friends on Zoom calls and WhatsApp videos, after forgetting about hanging out with people, its time you meet a bunch of new people and make friends. We’ll have long conversations in quiet spots, we’ll play games and laugh away 2020 into our happy bubble.

8) Because you have been living with your “throwbacks” and “memories of this day last year”, its time you make memories this year too. Its time you have your time with nature, with new people, with adventure and happiness finally. The wait stops here!

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