Most Famous Bridges in the World

We have been highlighting through our articles, the best, the longest, the biggest, – essentially, the superlative aspects of different things. Keeping up with this, we bring to you today the most famous bridges in the world. These are not just bridges but also iconic landmarks and top tourist attractions of the places they are located.

  • The most popular attraction of San Francisco, and an iconic symbol of the West Coast in the USA, is the Golden Gate Bridge. Standing majestically at a height of 1.7 miles, and rising out above the mist-covered waters of the beautiful San Francisco Bay, this breath taking manmade beauty, sure commands attention. Draped in vermillion, this suspension bridge stands amidst the coves of Marin County and the island of Alcatraz. On a clear day, the picturesque surroundings can leave anyone spell bound – innumerable sailboats, kite surfers, barges, and even the playful seals, all add to the magnificence of this bridge.
  • Built entirely from steel, in an arch design has earned it the name of ‘The Coathanger’ by locals. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia, is truly an attractive addition to the skyline, apart from being the symbol for Sydney. The bridge has roads for vehicles and railroads, also cycle riders and pedestrians, taking them North Shore to the central business district of the city. Spanning a height of 134 metres, the bridge is a superior and magnificent feat of engineering and manmade design, and continues to be one of the most alluring landmarks in the world. The open landscape and vista offers an indescribable experience – words cannot do justice to this spectacular creation – see it for yourself.
  • Next on the list is a bridge – actually two bridges spanning an Eastern and Western section, and split by the tiny island of Sprogø – The Great Belt Bridge, Denmark. The eastern side has 1624 meters long suspension crossing Storebælt – the third longest main span in the world. The two pylons on this side of the bridge are actually the highest points in the country. The western side of the bridge is 6611 metres long combination of rail and road, bridge between the islands of Sprogo and Funen.
  • Crossing majestically over the Reuss River, and overlooking the city of Lucerne, The Chapel Bridge, Switzerland is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and among the top attractions in the country. This 670 foot-long bridge was built in 1333, with the intention of protecting the city of Lucerne from enemy attacks. The bridge houses 17th century paintings, highlighting the history of the city. A very large part of these paintings and the bridge were burnt down in a fire in the year 1993, but it was soon restored.
  • This bridge was completed in 1883, and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA, spanning a length of 1595.5 feet – we are talking about The Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Up until 1903, it was the longest suspension bridge, but continues to be one of the city’s iconic landmarks and major tourist attraction. At any time of the day one can spot tourists walking the bridge, seeming in awe of this manmade beauty, which accentuates the stunning Manhattan skyline.
  • The Rialto Bridge in Venice, is the oldest of four bridges that pass across the Grand Canal. It is an old bridge, having been completed in 1591, and is one of the most iconic landmarks and top tourist attractions. From the look of the tourists, it seems like they cannot get enough of the bridge and its surroundings! Why not experience it for yourself!
  • Known also as the Wind and Rain Bridge, The Chengyang Bridge is the most famous of the bridges in the Dong Minority Region in China. The beauty of this bridge is that it is constructed purely out of wood and stone, and without the use of rivets and nails, and continues to be the largest of all wind and rain bridges. It has a length of 64.4metres, width of 3.4metres, and is 10.6metres high.
  • A historic reminder and a masterpiece of ancient Roman bridge building technique is The Alcántara Bridge, Spain. It spans the Tagus river, and was built between 104 and 106 AD under the Roman Emperor Trajan. The bridge honours the emperor through an arch (Arch of Triumph) in the centre of the bridge, and a temple at the end dedicated to him. It is a magnificent piece of engineering, with a height of 57 metres, length of 214metres, and width of 8metres. It is supported by six graceful arches, towering over five massive pillars.
  • The most famous bridge in Iran in the city of Isfahan, is Si-o-se PolThe Bridge of 33 Arches. It finds a place of honour as one of the finest examples of the Safavid bridge design. The bridge was built under instruction by Shah Abbas I, in the year 1602. It is made completely of bricks and stones, and is 295 metres long and 13.75 metres wide. It is said that the bridge earlier had 40 arches, but that number is now reduced to 33.

Bridges are humankind’s attempts at providing easy passage, and linking physical gaps, which would otherwise be too far and hard to navigate. Our list of most famous bridges in the world highlight those feats of engineering and ingenuity that today have made them iconic landmarks, and quintessential parts of the infrastructure of the regions where they are built. How about ‘taking a walk’ with us on these beautiful passages and affording some visually stunning views?