Look Your Best even on Vacation

Vacations are always welcome – irrespective of when – they uplift the spirit and give us a feeling of being relaxed and upbeat. The vacation could be one where someone travels alone, or with friends, or family – but what is common is that you must look your best even on vacation – you look great in the pictures, and feel confident and happy throughout your holiday.

When at home, there are loads of things one can do and several things one can use to take great care of our appearance. However, not all the resources required to look your best may be available when one is on a vacation or trip. The excitement of visiting new places, enjoying adventures, and gaining new experiences usually lead us to neglect our skin, hair, and our overall appearance. However, the exposure to changes in climatic conditions, air, and food could cause problems, rashes, allergies, and other such issues that could leave us looking ill – certainly not, what one wants on a vacation.

We are here to tell you that vacations are necessary – it is vital to have time to enjoy the beauties of nature, indulge in activities that would not be normally possible, or simply curl up your toes in the warm sand of sunny beaches. We hope that our tips will help you look your best even on a vacation.

  • While it may be tempting to carry every piece of make-up you own and apply thick layers of it, remember that the idea of a vacation is to relax – you are not here to impress anyone. Instead, stick to basics – a tinted moisturiser or a blemish balm (better known as BB cream) work just fine. Of course, wearing your smile always works 🙂
  • Remember to carry or buy a good quality cleanser and toner too – these simple techniques will keep your face glowing and a sunscreen block cream will keep the tanning away. You can always count on these to help you look great.
  • Irrespective of where you may be traveling, wet and dry face wipes are essential. They work well, are light to carry, and will help you keep your face and neck free from dust and grime. The wet ones (especially the ones with antiseptic quality) are great for when you do not find clean water (and plus they do not allow you to waste clean drinking water either). Another great way to look and feel your best – carry a strong yet pleasant deodorant. Use it according to the climate – but remember not to douse yourself with it!
  • Drink drink drink! Water we mean – it is essential to stay hydrated. If traveling to a climate that would make you perspire, it would be even more essential to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of vegetables and juicy fruits – which are not only healthy but taste great too. Whenever possible, splash your face with water or may be carry a facial mist.
  • Don’t forget to care for your feet too – they are ones that carry you along, bearing the weight and strain of walking, hiking, and other activities. Take some warm water in a vessel and add salt – soak your feet in this for about 10 minutes and feel the tiredness drain away from them. It will leave you feeling refreshed. Of course, do not forget to moisturise them too – your feet will not only feel ‘happier’ they will look and smell good too.
  • Your crowning glory – your hair can either detract from or enhance your appearance, so take good care of it. Remember to use good products – we are sure you know the care regime. It is important to keep it covered, tie it or wrap a chic scarf to protect your beautiful mane.
  • When traveling and even at other times when you are not at home, you would contact germs and other impurities. When traveling in public places and airplanes, the risk of contact with germs and bacteria is a lot higher. Our hands become the dirtiest – remember to wash them regularly or at least carry a sanitizer. In addition, remember not to touch your face and eyes as you could end up getting an infection. Use a tissue or wipe (as mentioned above) instead – like a shield between your hands and face.
  • We know how tempting (and delicious) junk food is, and the local delicacies of the place being visited, hold a special attraction. However, it is advisable to eat safe and resist unhealthy cravings – especially if you are foodie. Not only could you land yourself with a stomach infection but also you would load on the unnecessary calories and the pounds – so difficult to knock off!

When at home, we have easy access to whatever we need and are usually aware of the changes in the climate and how our body reacts to the food, water, and climate. Away from home though, especially on a vacation, the accessibility to all your requirements is limited and in any case, it does not make travel sense to carry excess weight and luggage. We hope that these simple tips will prove effective for you and find that you look your best even on vacation. Do connect with us – we would love to know!