Getting Enough Sleep when Flying

If you are an avid traveller, long distance flights would be part of your travel routine and schedule. The feeling that one experiences after a long (about 10-20 hours) flight is certainly not what anyone wants – exhaustion, lethargy, irritation, and an aching body. Most people are unable to sleep while sitting in an airplane, and the jet lag is even more pronounced. It would be good to get enough sleep when flying, and it is our endeavour to ensure that you can through our light-hearted article.

  • Most people have a ‘side of the bed’ – their favourite side where they can fall asleep instantly. Unless you are able to afford a full-bed seat, it would be prudent to book a seat on the side that is your favourite side to sleep on. Try to book a window seat on ‘your favourite’ sleeping side, so that when it is time to doze off, you would find it a lot easier to do. Do your research via sites (or ask us at Myroh ) on which seats are the best, which ones recline, and which do not. Even if you are not a pro’ at choosing the best seat, you would still be able to manage at getting the most appropriate one through little effort.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the flight (of course, we do not mean your favourite cartoon character pyjamas!) but something that allows you room to breathe and would not leave you worrying about the crushed look. What we mean is that on long flights, it is a bad idea to wear your mile high heels and tightest jeans, or that suave suit meant for an important meeting. Wear sweats or a tracksuit if required and carry your ‘oomph’ clothing in a bag, which you can slip into once you reach the airport of your destination. This way not only would you be able to get some sleep on the flight, the savvy set of clothes would look crisp and ironed giving you a refreshed and upbeat appearance.
  • Use a ‘cradle pillow’ – one of those ‘inventions’ that keep your head from tilting and falling forwards when you are trying to sleep in a sitting position. Not only are these comfortable, you would also not wake up with a jerk and in pain. Additionally, either carry a pillow or roll up for your legs and back, or use the airline pillow and blanket for the same. Travelling experts recommend carrying something warm to wear while sleeping rather than using the rather ‘shady’ blankets the airline would hand out. You could also carry your own sachets of chamomile tea, or other relaxing ones to help you with sleeping. Put some drops of lavender or lemon oil on your head pillow – the smell would relax you further, and prevent any unpleasant smells that may emanate from ‘your co-passengers’!
  • Get a seat with maximum legroom if you are tall one! This way you would be a lot more comfortable and would find it easier to find your ‘sleeping position’ even when sitting. Bring a cap or a hoody with you – pull this over your ears and eyes to block out the distractions around you, making it easier to sleep. Additionally, these will block the light from your eyes, and provide a sense of personal space and privacy. Put in your ‘ear buds’ with some soft melodious tunes to block outside sounds, lulling you into a peaceful sleep.
  • Keep yourself hydrated during the flight, but refrain from drinking beverages and water about half an hour before sleeping time. This way you will not want to visit the bathroom often, allowing you to sleep tight.
  • Do not drink alcohol during the course of the flight, and restrict the amount of caffeinated beverages too. Too much caffeine will heighten your senses, and keep you awake. Alcohol would make you feel lethargic and irritable, and would interfere with sleeping.

Remember to be a good co-passenger, and others would be the same to you. If you want a restful sleep on the flight, allow others to rest too.