No ‘Tall’ Claims – Just Undiluted Fun in Our New York City Tour

‘Tall’ is an intended pun – after all New York is the city of some of the ‘tallest’ skyscrapers. New York is a fast-paced city and the centre of culture, fashion, money, and art. It is home to iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Times Square, and a host of other such breath-taking sites. The Hudson River conjoins with the Atlantic Ocean at the point of the city’s five boroughs – Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island – with Manhattan at the centre of this astounding city. New York is referred to also as the ‘Big Apple’ and resonates with life and unquenchable energy through the contrasting neon lights of Times Square to the verdant settings of the Central Park. Our tour of this great city will take you from the awe-inspiring Statue of Liberty to the equally exciting yet subtler shades of its lakes, trendy eateries bars, and all that add to its urbane appeal. With so many options and choices, an unplanned visit to this city can be overwhelming – so leave the planning of your holiday here, to us for an unforgettable and wildly memorable time.

  • The Statue of Liberty is possibly the most famous and widely recognized landmark of America and is New York’s most renowned and conspicuous attraction. It would be safe to say that a visit to this magical city would be incomplete without visiting the statue. From the ground level to the tip of the torch, this statue is 305 feet and one inch (93 meters). It was built by FrédéricAuguste Bartholdi and was presented to the city on October 28, 1886. The statue has a great view from Battery Park, but for those who want an up and close experience, there is a ferry, that travels to Liberty Island.


  • Drawing millions of visitors every year, The Niagara Falls, is the highest waterfall and a true wonder of nature. There are walkways that lead above the Falls to boats that ferry visitors right to their base. The Niagara Falls are located on the Canada-USA border, and ‘fall’ from a height of 51 metres adds to its majesty and power.


  • Finger Lakes are long and narrow lakes on the west of Syracuse, and are said to be formed by the impression left by the ‘fingers of the Great Spirit’. There are a number of lakes that together form the region, offering a wide range of outdoor activities amidst breath-taking landscapes. The Finger Lakes region is accessible from the Cayuga Trail, the Seneca Lake Trail, and the Keuka Trail.


  • Lake Placid, at the foothills of Whiteface Mountain is most famous as a winter sports resort. It is abundant with the natural beauty of lakes and hills, making it a major tourist attraction. Despite being most popular as a skiing destination, it has also gained recognition as a summer destination. Unique and distinct shops and a host of restaurants surround Lake Placid,making it a great place to eat and shop too. The unbelievably beautiful Mirror Lake is another attraction located within the heart of this region.


  • The Town of Lake George is a 32-mile long lake, making it another popular and much visited tourist attraction. The lake is dotted with islands, which are used for camping and other recreational activities such as swimming, picnics, and volleyball. Many of these activities are on the Million Dollar Beach. The most fun and exhilarating way to see Lake George is through cruises and one of the most scenic points is Prospect Mountain. Surrounding Lake George are places of historical significance – Lake George Battlefield Park and the Fort William Henry Museum, which are definite visits.


  • Going down 34th Street, brings you to the city’s most famous and one of the tallest skyscrapers – The Empire State Building. The pre-arranged passes will allow our visitors to get right to the observation deck on the 86th floor, where you can spend as much time as you want gazing at and soaking up the wonders of this city from a bird’s eye view. This is your alone time, sans our guide, to completely enjoy this wondrous experience.


  • Along the intense and vivid Genesee River Gorge, is the Letchworth State Park, home to three waterfalls. The gorge is surrounded by a forest that looks dramatically different in the fall, when the leaves change colour. The grounds of the Park host camping, hiking, and picnicking activities. It also has a number of cabins that can be rented.


  • Located at the southernmost part of Seneca Lake is the Watkins Glen State Park. It is widely known for its auto racing in summer, its rock formations, and the 18 sets of waterfalls. The cliffs are as high as 300 feet about the main stream and there is a bridge at an elevation of 165 feet above the water.


  • Adding to New York’s rich culture, is the 50-room George Eastman Mansion, located in Rochester. It was completed in 1905 and originally housed a stable, barn, a garage, five greenhouses, and a number of gardens. The International Museum of Photography and Film is also located on the grounds of this scenic and culturally rich site.


  • Dotting the banks of the St. Lawrence River, are the Thousand Islands. Stretching over 50 miles, this area brims with the beauty of nature. A cruise along this stretch allows the visitors to view the granite shelf that extends from the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains in America. The best time for a tour of this place is between mid-May and mid-October, when the landscapes seem to change magically. A number of holiday homes can be seen along the route – ranging from the most luxurious villas to plain yet picturesque log cabins. The Adirondack Mountains are amongst the top holiday destination for locals and people visit them for hiking, canoeing, or just relaxing at the cottages and resorts along the lakes.


Visiting New York can be an overwhelming experience without the right travel partner. We at Myroh ensure that you enjoy your trip thoroughly, whether you are visiting for the 1st time or the 10th. The night lit up view of New York is best admired from the top of the One World Trade Centre, now the tallest building at a height of 1776 feet. The pods get you to the 102nd floor in a minute, from where you can soak in the visually stunning 360-degree view of the complete city, with its millions of lights. You could then head over to Brooklyn, for yet another stunning view of the city’s night skyline. We ensure that the tours are as customized for our visitors, as they would like them to be. With our expertise and years of experience, we know that every visit to the ‘Big Apple’ would be as much of a revelation as your first visit. Come, experience our world-class service – New York will not be the only thing that leaves you speechless!

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