Best Theme Parks in the World

Summer is approaching! While it does mean a break from the chill, it also brings vacations from school translating to raucous and impatient kids with too much time on their hands! To make it easier on parents, and to ensure that the family gets some quality fun time together, we bring you a list of the best theme parks in the world that are sure to have your kids squealing in delight. Travel with us to discover the pleasure of family vacations, without breaking the bank. These destinations are amongst those selected by those who have travelled and have had the best time of their lives yet! You don’t want to miss out, do you?

  • Think theme parks – think Disneyland, California. The first and still most popular theme park in the world – it is possibly of every child and adult’s wish list. The Sleeping Beauty Castle, casts a spell on every visitor, leaving them speechless in awe. From the castle, visitors can proceed to the Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Critter Country, New Orleans Square, Tomorrow Land, Mickey’s Toon Town, Fantasyland, and so many more. Disneyland has continually added more attractions over the years, such as the Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion. There are of course, the original attractions – Disneyland Railroad and Peter Pan’s Flight. Time seems to fly past here – there is just so much fun and exhilaration concentrated in this one theme park. Do not miss the journey via the motion vehicle system through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye: Indiana Jones Adventure. Are you in a state of frenzy already?
  • Importing classic attractions from Hollywood and Florida, is Universal Studios Japan – the first theme park outside of America. It has an international appeal, attracting hordes of visitors from around the world year after year. The Jaws and the Back to the Future Rides are extremely popular with even adults behaving like kids waiting to get on! There are – the dark ride of The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, and The Jurassic Park Ride, The Hollywood Dream Ride, and the spinning coaster ride – The Space Fantasy. About 2 years back, the park added the Wizard World of Harry Potter, which created wide appeal and a sharp increase in the number of visitors. The main attraction however, is the longest Flying coaster in the world – The Flying Dinosaur – you have to get on. Dizzy with excitement?
  • Visit Epcot, Florida, which has the appeal of a permanent World Fair, divided into two – Future World (exhibiting new technology) and World Showcase (11 pavilions are dedicated to countries from around the world). For space crazy fans, The Mission space is a must visit, as it ‘sends’ visitors on a dream visit to ‘space’. For car lovers, racing in prototype cars will provide them with the thrills they seek at the Test Track. Complementing all this craziness are the world-class restaurants, and the visually stunning scenery and landscapes of Florida.
  • A flagship park of the Chimelong International Ocean Resort, is the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom that opened for visitors in the year 2014. The ‘kingdom’ boasts, about 5.5 million visitors in the year of its opening – extraordinary! The uniqueness of this park lies in the fact that it is a mix of a theme park and a marine life park – divided into 8 areas, of which a few represent the ocean. The attractions are unique too – a gigantic 5D cinema with a 1500 square metre screen that is curved for that encompassing feel, and the underwater viewing area of the Dolphin Conservation Centre. For speedsters – the Parrot Coaster is a must ride – runs at 67 miles per hour and goes through two tunnels and with three inversions. Topsy-turvy is the way to go!
  • Housing a zoo and water park in addition to being South Korea’s largest theme park, is Everland Gyeonggi-Do. It features a wide variety of roller coasters that ‘run’ across several theme of the park – such as European Adventure, American Adventure, and Magic Land. The most popular attractions are the Haunted Mansion, Mystery Mansion, log flume, and the Zoo-topia area for animal exhibits. The park also hosts several robot themed rides. The top attraction however, remains the T Express – one of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world at a height of 5,838 feet.

We could go on endlessly listing more of the beloved and thrilling best theme parks in the world, but we think that we have your attention. Even though the United States of America continues to rule the roost with regard to theme parks being the home-ground for the most popular Disneyland, Asia and Europe continue to prove their mettle in this area too, with their ‘cloned’ yet unique thrill seeker paradises of theme parks, with some unique and outstanding attractions. Are you ready to explore the crazy and fantastic world of theme parks with us?