Best Christmas Destinations

Christmas is one of the most exhilarating times of the year, the world over. However, some places celebrate this joyous festival a lot better than others are and we bring you some of the best Christmas destinations. We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and hope that our list will help you have the very best festivities this year, and beyond.

  • Possibly one of the most affordable, energetic, and charming places – Copenhagen is delightfully charming. The most famous spot – Tivoli Gardens – reverberates with Christmas cheer and brightness. The Gardens glow with at least half a million lights, and several thousand Christmas trees brilliantly decorated, making it the centrepiece. Stroll around the city peacefully while soaking in all the goodness.
  • Salzburg, is possibly the essence of Austria – the best of architecture, mountainous and jade scenery, and music that owes it fame to Mozart. Celebrate a ‘white Christmas’ as the snow falls frequently, adding to the charm and appeal of the intimate festive marketplace.
  • The streets of city of Dublin in Ireland are immersed in Christmas revelry and an inexplicable yet exhilarating sense of cheer seems to fill every nook and corner. Lights decorate the many skating rinks, traditional carols fill the air streaming out of the beautiful and scenic St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the whole place seems ‘high’ with Christmas fervour – exactly how the festival should be.
  • If you want to witness the magnanimity of Christmas, visit the Big Apple – New York City. The place resounds with cheer and the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre would leave you awe-struck – unable to get your eyes of it. Every shop has visually stunning displays, leaving both visitors and locals delighted, putting everyone in a happier and festive mood. Christmas here is truly a magical and almost fairy tale kind of experience.
  • The Christmas Market in Nuremberg, Germany is one of the most sought after of the festivities. With over 180 stalls selling a variety of things, including Christmas treats, Nuremberg’s market is indeed a delightful way to spend this festival. The place looks even more festive and enchanting, as night falls – and the many lights replace daylight, spreading a warm embrace to all.
  • There is so much to see and do in Berlin, Germany during Christmas. More than fifty Christmas markets spring around the city, with lights and candles adding a soft glow. There is something for everyone in these markets – from the uber cool to the traditional. Visitors can also visit the museums or be part of the cultural events to get even deeper into the Christmassy mood.
  • The centre of Christianity, midnight Christmas mass at the Vatican City is possibly one of the most uplifting and spiritual experiences one can have. Visit Rome during the festival to experience even more profoundly the tradition, vibrancy, and modernity of the city. The culture, heritage, and even the food seem a lot more charming and engrossing during this time.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland is truly magical during Christmas – resembling a wonderland from a fairy tale. There seems to be an explosion of lights, music, sounds, lip-smacking food, loads of fun, and reverberating laughter. The festivals held as part of the Christmas celebrations will want to make you stay here forever. You must stay for Hogmanay – Scotland’s famed New Year festival – a three-day long celebration filled with magnificent events, awesome music, and people from all over the world in audience.
  • Lapland, in Finland is the ‘hometown’ of Santa Claus – a great place to visit for kids and adults who want to feel like kids for a while. The magic of Christmas truly comes alive here with the Santa Claus Village, the Santa Park, and the numerous delights at Lapland’s capital, Rovaneimi – the place where visitors can view the Northern Lights.
  • Christmas is truly a magical time in Montreal, Canada. The many Christmas parades – especially the Santa Claus parade, the midnight mass, the seemingly endless activities related to the festival, shopping, and many more such exciting things, make celebrating Christmas here one of the best gifts to give yourself and your loved one. You must spin or (even tumble around) on the famous skating rink – Patinoire du Bassin Bonsecours – it is beautiful any time of the year.
  • Hong Kong, China really knows how to ‘live it up’ – and Christmas revelry kicks it up several notches. The fanfare, lights that adorn the buildings and skyscrapers, bedecked shops and homes, and Christmas carols filling the air – all make for a truly delightful festival.
  • Despite the freezing cold, the Christmas cheer and festivities in Washington DC, USA, seem to warm up and embrace everything and everyone. Fifty six trees are planted (representing the 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia), near the White House. The Pathway of Peace that leading to the National Christmas tree at the White House is lit up, as night settles in. You should also visit the Harbor Rink – it looks stunning with the innumerable lights shedding their glow on the ice, the water, and the trees that surround it.

Christmas truly is a blessed and joyous time – a time for family, festivities, and merriment. We hope that this list would help you plan the festival – if not we have another list on the way. Have fun!