Best Christmas Destinations – Continued…

We continue with our list of best Christmas destinations to help you choose. Experience varying traditions and styles of celebrating this holy and joyous festival.

  • Head to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, to discover the legends of Christmas, and know why this land of Santa Claus is ideal to celebrate the festival. Discover the folklore of the Yule Lads, who are said to reach the town thirteen days before Christmas.
  • The Christmas markets in Germany are famous around the world, but the uniqueness of Dresden lies in the fanfare with which Christmas is welcomed. A huge traditional Christmas fruit-cake is taken through the streets, via the markets, and then distributed among those present. It is a great way to build up the revelry and excitement for the festival – the enthusiasm continues well beyond Christmas.
  • Treat your senses to the warm uplifting smells of freshly made waffles, be dazzled by the countless fairy lights that light up the canal, Bruges is what fairy tales are made of. Hop on to a horse carriage for a ride around the cobbled streets sprinkled with snow, or visit the main market in Grote Markt, surrounding the gleaming and enticing ice rink. If you have the stamina to climb 366 steps to reach the bell, your reward would be a stunning view of the picturesque city.
  • Christmas at New Orleans is full-on fun and revelry – the city seems to spare no effort to make the festive season brim with merriment and excitement. You can take a riverboat cruise while singing many of the traditional carols, or watch the festive streetcars as they move along the streets. These are just some of the attractions in a city that sure knows how to celebrate Christmas with style.
  • A white Christmas in on almost every traveller’s bucket list and Aspen guarantees it. This famous mountain and ski resort is packed with several wooden lodges, and there is loads of fun and festive spirit. Swish down a snow-capped slope – after all Christmas is about fun, laughter, and cheer.
  • Dotted with several Christmas trees, decked with trinkets and holly, Castleton, an English village, sure knows how to celebrate. The most alluring part of this place is the tradition of singing carols inside candlelit caves. It is better to be part of this than try to imagine it!
  • If a wild white Christmas is what you dream of, then head to Quebec City in Canada. It is a great place for outdoor activity fans and visitors can enjoy gliding on the snow-clad slopes on a snowmobile, go hiking, or even enjoy snowshoeing.
  • For a traditional but different Christmas, head to Taos, a remote village in Mexico. Taos embraces several rich traditions related to this festival. The streets are lined and lit with an endless number of paper lanterns, and there is an enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter before Jesus was born. Do not miss the American Indian Christmas eve celebration.
  • If spending a relaxed Christmas in the mountains is your idea of a celebration, then head to Durango, Colorado. The breath-taking, immaculate, and natural beauty of the place is sure to help you relax and rejuvenate.
  • What better place to celebrate Christmas than in a place that is named after the ‘jolly old man’ Santa Claus? Visit Santa Claus, Indiana that sure knows how to celebrate and rejoice during the festival and holidays. Feel the spirit of Christmas surround you with shops brimming with Santa attractions and goodies.
  • Along both sides of the Rhine River you will find at least eight Christmas markets – visit Cologne, Germany for a fabulous Christmas experience. The stalls at these markets offer all types of gifts and tasty bites – Gluhwein (warm wine) stalls are aplenty too! Buy presents for all your loved ones from here.

We know that there is no place like home to celebrate festivals and the holidays. However, the places mentioned in our lists offer a nonpareil Christmas experience that you must have at least once in your lifetime. We hope you enjoyed our list of best Christmas destinations – we are there to assist you even with last minute plans!